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    I promised that I would ride for the Dynamos if the club takes part in the inter club and, fair do’s, you have a few people who are keen to start time trialling and it looks like you have the skeleton of  team, thus far, so – I’m in!  I’m determined to get my £10’s worth!


    She caneh’ take it captain.

    I went out tonight to see if the body would take some intensity tomorrow night and I was given a firm no.

    If im not at the next one in a few weeks i’ll give my bike away and donate my legs to medical research.



    Good luck Team Dynamos. Wish I could be there (not!)


    See you there


    Slinky I’ve heard back from medical reserach-they don’t want your legs and
    suggest a dog food option…at the time of the Dynamos greatest need…..


    These pistons will keep one lucky dog busy for a while.


    Well done to everyone who took part tonight. So proud to be part of the Dynamos club. We all did brilliantly. It’s great to be competing against more established clubs and more than holding our own.
    To improve my time, I’m thinking of part exchanging my bike for a faster one. It’s only done 10 miles. Any offers!


    Well done all, sounds like I missed a good night after speaking to Sweaty. When is the next one, I might have a go?


    Great turn out tonight boys and girls, and some good times were being reported. I’m looking forward to seeing the results. As you were all first timers I think you did really well. Hopefully you will get a taste for the competitive side of cycling and want to do more TT’s. As a minimum they are really good training rides. Who knows, by next year we may be seeing a crop of pointy helmets adorning the red and black shirts!


    A great night at the TT ,that was great fun.

    Times for tonight.

    Clover.  25.18

    Roger.  25.23

    Charlie.   26.15

    Mr chairman.   26.43

    Huw.   26.46

    Ants     26.54

    Flapjack.    27.14

    Bevs.   27.16

    Dai Webb.    28.10

    Jane.    28.41

    Stumpy 28.53

    Sweaty 29.39

    well done clover for beating the dynamos lap record,great effort.

    flapjack takes the pre 1920’s class and also beating the outright lap record by 15seconds.(did hear somebody say I haven’t seen one of them for 40years)

    jane is holding the ladies dynamo’s record so come on ladies.

    And mr chairman would you take £50 for that bike of yours.


    Tonight I’m even more proud to be a Dynamo..everyone under 30 mins..and a great show of red and black..well done everyone!


    Great times everyone and I think there will be some good points scored!  I’m sorry I wasn’t in matching red and black. My skin suit was black and I did have some red about my person, a memento from the 50 mile TT on the weekend! Next one in two weeks time. Maybe the valley dwelling folk and aquatic mammals could be persuaded to come out of their hobbit holes/holts for the next one.


    Might just have to polish up my tri-bars (and make a bit of an adjustment to the work life balance) for the next one.

    Well done Team Dynamos

    PS Does the Pre 20’s class relate to DOB?


    That’s Fantastic everyone!


    No just the bike valleyman ,you didnt know there was a vintage class.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 63 total)
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