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    Last week I rode Vneice to Geneva 900km & 18000 metres climbing in 8 days

    In whats called credit card touring – carry change of climbs & stuff to keep warm if gets cold on mountains. I did it 6 weeks after injury … so if I could do it any one can. I really recomend it

    My playlist of the trip is

    song artist reason
    Should I stay or should I go the clash following my injury I was having severe doubts whether I should ride. Thanks to everyone who persuaded me to go
    River Deep, Mountain High Tina Turner Lots of high mountains riden but to drink loads of mountain streams
    Hot in the City Billy Idol Well hot everywhere temperature seldom below mid thirties & that was at night 🙁
    Insomnia Faithless Eating latish, heart still racing & very hot = very little sleep
    Please don’t touch Motorhead When Carl was touched when riding he said “What’s happening to me, What’s touching me”. But Mat went one better by touching the emergency button on train – thinking it was the button to open the door.
    Help The Beatles In a navigation breakdown – Mat & Carl got lost in a resturant & after walking into a broom cupboard had to ask for help & directions out.
    Tunnel of Loath Bruce Springsten I know the song is the Tunnel of Love – but I Loathed riding through all the tunnels on mountains. Going up they last for ages. Going down seems to be steep & noisy & scarey
    Golden Brown The Wurzels Most had a golden brown cycling tan but looked more like the wurzels than the stranglers.
    My Perfect Cousin The Undertones 4 once in a life time rides thanks to my cousin – pity does not have more patience at times.
    Rawhide The Blues Brothers Everyone was saw by the end
    My Lovely Horse Father Ted Lots of Father Ted references “Small / far away” “Go on Go on” … & one of the team did have horse steak to celebrate the finish
    Pride U2 We all finished – excellent
    Rockstar Nickleback Two people bob the archaelogist = rock & Nick rode the whole route , both are real stars
    Live & Let Die Wings As we had Roger Moore from the James Bond era riding & many people felt close to death in the heat & climbs.
    Celebration Kool & the Gang Finished at the world center of cycling = UCI in Aigle & a huge bottle of beer (ok I had a lemonade & ice cream because I am wild)
    Dedicated Follower of Fashion The Kinks I am now undisputed champion


    Mat, whilst I am sure that some other members of the Dynamos will make playlist suggestions I will simply say Chapeau!.

    What a great experience and like Mr Hendrix, did you have much cross town traffic?


    Blog of trip with all stats(attachment)
    Balsamico (author)– on the basis I asked for balsamic vinegar at every meal & would say it about ten times each time trying a slightly different accent each time – well that was in my head. In reality they all sounded exactly the same just each one slightly louder than the last.
    Roger Moore – for looking & talking like Bond
    Indiana Bob – he is an archaeologist & carries a whip (I made up the bit about the whip)
    Marine Boy – He used to be a marine – although he now looks like he has eaten a marine whole
    Dougal – Absolutely no idea about technology – could never get the wifi code to work so someone else would have to enter it for him
    Tattoo – his name is Nicolas Piper = knickerless Piper = Scotsman – largest amount of Scottish pipers is Edinburgh tattoo
    Capo – Leader & Organiser of Italian Assault
    Mrs Soprano = Capo’s wife
    A fantastic team & I thank them all for putting up with me.

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