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    We have Huw, Roger and myself in Lanzarote and Ants, Bevs and the James bros on mainland Spain somewhere?

    We landing here on Sunday night and first thing Monday we got our beloveds out of the bags. no problems, bikes built in under 2 hours including Rogers tandem.

    Went out Monday afternoon for our first spin and the adrenerline got to us has the first 10 miles were done at 25+ miles an hour. After that we calmed down a bit. Well Huw and I did. 42 miles done In glorious sunshine.

    Tuesday morning set off planning on a long ride only to find Huw’s bike wouldn’t change gear. apparently Jan knocked it over the previous evening after 1 to many wines and bent the hanger on the rear mech. We limped to the nearest bike shop and found them very helpful and soon got Huw’s bike going. Just leaving the shop and my pedal fell off! Great place for that to happen and soon got it sorted and off we went.

    After losing nearly 2 hours of the day we only managed 47 miles in what can only be described as a hurricane. Hard work with a head wind for most of the ride.


    Our beloved chairman has brought to my attention that he has been the only author to date on this particular thread…

    Tandem Volcano ride.

    Basking in the aura of brownie points earned by spurning the boys I headed off once again as captain.

    I gained even more brownie points as we cycled through some crashing surf spray as we skirted the coast….then we head up and up past the volcano….brownies points began to be shed with free abandon. The lowest point came when I was politely asked by the stoker to find a lower gear to which I had to reply that there was nothing lower. After that however we pressed on and even during out last and steepest climb the brownie point tally remained static.Then the count went up and up as a gin and tonic and mussels and chips appeared at a restaurant at the top.

    After that ,all we had to do was point the tandem down hill and let gravity do the rest..thanks gravity..

    A good day and still married…

    I will leave Huw to recount today’s 100 ┬ámiles…there was no tandem involved..phew!


    Wednesday arrived the wind was blowing like a gale, Andrew and i set off wind behind, there is only one problem with this would have to come back in to a head wind.
    After 30 miles it came up in the conversation a pee stop was required, then a head wind kicked in Andrew dragged me around, after 40 miles there was a chat about lunch, so a supermarket was spotted on the menu was a large bag of crisps and a coke nothing else to found. by this time Andrew was dragging other people up hills thinking i was on this wheel. on we moved still no toilet to be seen and then swing in to a major head wind after 60 miles it was time to find somewhere for a pee 2.5hrs after the first request, we where now on the home straight tucked in behind Andrew.

    Back home 6hrs and 81 miles later 6500 ft climbing. The thought of Thursday already felt painful the plan is to do the Ironman loop from where we are staying this would clock up 122 miles.


    Thursday Morning arrived legs feeling tired after Wednesday.

    The thought of riding 120 miles on the Ironman course with Roger and Andrew was not the best feeling i was getting. anyway the wind had dropped off,and off we went like a speed train as you can imagine with these 2. This lasted for about 10 miles and as the hills came or slight inclines off the back i fell this was going to be a long day.

    45miles in we found the same supermarket as the day before refuel and fill up of water bottles no crisps here today as lunch has been promised once we got over the biggest climb on the island, this was next 51 miles in to the ride, top of the climb 1913ft above sea level. once in the bottom of the valley it starts to rain, (Great) 60 miles in no rain coat. it soon cleared a petrol station was found and lunch was promised.

    After Roger and Andrew getting lost in the supermarket and not being able to find the exit while i was on guard duty with the bikes. Andrew appeared with bread rolls and sliced Ham and started to make the sandwiches. it beat the crisps the day before.
    Off we went again every hill was now feeling painful and a lot of waiting was done by Andrew and Roger at the top of each climb or junction,one good thing i had the route in my Garmin, after a long trip back 103 miles 7hrs and 7500ft climbing my legs where wrecked, 180 miles in 2 days.

    Thanks to my companions for waiting for me for most of the day.


    Recommend rest n vitamin D from lying in sun Boys, over do it n u’ll be in bed for a week when u get back while we’re all out enjoying the wet n cold club rides!!


    Having a lovely time,wish you were here.



    Friday was a rest day. Good job for Roger because he had taken ill. It must have been him trying to chase me around the Ironman circuit yesterday that did it!!

    Saturday.. Jan and I did 60 miles in the morning, lovely blue skies and sunshine. There wasn’t too much moaning about the hills… And Jan didn’t complain either! I dropped her back in the villa and I did an extra 40 miles at a slightly quicker pace!! I had to make the most of the gorgeous sunshine as I suspect the weather back home isn’t quite as good!

    Thank you to the Morgans and the Allans for a great week

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