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    Has been various talk about doing a European outing.

    The choice is have a trip which is essentially just a party but take your bikes so you can say you have ridden or go out of your comfort zone & do some hard riding. Or somewhere in between.

    Doing the hard riding my view is going from A to B gives a big sense of achievement. You will need to either carry your stuff; get someone to support you in van (in exchange for free trip); get dedicated support crew (tends to be expensive & need to guarantee riding with average over 17mph); send clothes to every hotel you are stopping at.
    I have done it 3 times carrying one change of clothes with me & washing every night – this is on good bikes.

    Any views – who would be prepared to do what?


    Three main options in terms of heading to a bike related event.

    1) Giro in Belfast / Dublin
    2) Tour in Yorkshire / London
    3) Tour in the Alps
    4) National road championship in Monmouth
    5) None of the above

    The Cardiff trip to the Alps last year worked out at £375 each including chalet, ferry, van hire, petrol and tolls, with two vans heading down overnight to the Alps. (Food and pocket money on top). We managed to see three stages of the tour as well as ride several of the tour climbs. Well worth the effort if we can get a few of us to club together and commit to it.


    The trip you did with Cardiff last year sounds great Andrew.

    We don`t know the route of the tour yet. It will be announced this month sometime. Is there a danger of waiting and then the prices will shoot up. Clover has heard a whisper that the tour goes through the Alps on the 18/19/20th July.

    So, do we get going and start to organize and book around  those dates, or do we wait until the Tour dates are announced?


    tour rumours are

    this site usually fairly accurate so Pyrenees 16/17/18 & Alps 13 & 14 remember it goes opposite way round each year (did pyrenees in 2nd week & alps 3rd week last year – so will be other way round next year)

    To add 1 alternative to Wrighty’s 3 to make 5!
    Tour in Pyrenees

    Could try to do actual stages – do 3 day before then watch day 3 with pros doing it


    Only issue with the Pyrenees is that the hills are much sharper than those in the Alps which although long (up to 25km), only really max out at 10% which for our ability of riders might be more appropriate.

    We had between 17 and 22 of us over two chalets over the course of the week. Heading out on group rides, with options of longer rides/cols for those who where stronger climbers (not me). Some also rented mountain bikes and took on the mountain runs using the ski lifts.

    Looking at the route link, around Besançon around 11-15 looks an option as the stage over Col de l’Izoard also heads through the town a few days later, this would also give people options for Alpe D’Huez, Izoard, col du lautaret and Galibier.

    The only down side would be the over night minibus ride which although comfy as we didn’t overcrowd it is long (1000m each way). Any members with nice size buses we could borrow?

    Perhaps we need a social to discuss and to see how many are actually up for it, and look into approx costs.


    Guys, when you look at the link for the tour dont get the stages mixed up with the dates..


    Clover is right (of course) his dates stand ALPS 17 & 18th


    The route for real gets announced on wednesday 23rd. To save all this guessing, shall we arrange to meet friday 25th? Everyone who wants to go should be there so we can then arrange the trip and get it booked.


    See you on the 25th for “Le Tour 2014” meeting 🙂


    just to add not really guessing tour with be in alps in second week 15 – 20
    Pyrenees 3rd week 22 – 27 (just I mis read) The site gets it right because the tour has to be decided ages before so hotels can be booked. I would use what is there as a guide to come with a plan & then reassure yourself when tour actually announced but at least you are more or less ready then

    Pyrenees gradients are similar to Alps in fact some of the big ones in pyrenees are easier than alps see

    my last rant on subject – honestly


    Away in Italy until the Saturday so can’t be with you….it doesn’t mean my interest is wavering!


    Sadly away in Devon for the 25th meeting, however still interested in all options.


    Route out>


    I know it’s not the Alps, but of you want a few day’s worth of the tour and less travel, stages between 12-15 July look an option.

    Plus their mountain stages.


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