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    I invited a mate down for the weekend & took him out cycling

    First day we went around south coast- when we returned home he disappeared for about half hour – stretching I thought – no just Strava. Then rest on night kept looking at it … well loads of us look at Strava/

    Next thought I would 3 counties loop 30 miles he said can we go back to house – I said are you feeling ill or tired – No my iphone is running low on charge & I will lose my Strava of the day. So it seemed he would prefer to not do the ride than lose the record of it.
    I refused he said can we stop in a town to buy a charger 🙂
    Then when we did stop in Boncath for food at a pub – what did he look at beers stocked / what food – no did they have an iphone charger

    So Doctor how can I cure this – I thought of throwing his iphone away

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