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    I think we need to sort out a structure for our Tuesday rides. We are getting large numbers turning up which is fantastic.
    But the cycling is very stop start. Which is possibly leaving some riders frustrated and also some riders feeling a little demoralised by thinking they are holding people up.
    So, I propose we should split up into at least 2 possibly 3 groups depending on numbers, then there should be a speed to suit everybody.
    Also, very importantly, we do need a sweeper system in place every Tuesday to sit at the back of the last rider. I know of at least a dozen riders in our club who are experienced enough to do that job. Can we please have volunteers. I will start by doing next Tuesday. If we have 14 then you will only have to do it once this summer.
    One more thing, it would help if we all knew, or at least had an idea of what direction we are going in. Just a quick glance at Pete`s route before you come out wont take too long.
    Hope that’s ok and you all agree. If not then please let me have your thoughts.
    I know a lot of you contact each other through Facebook or messenger. I am not on those so can you spread the word for me please. Ta.


    I think two or three groups would be good you may need a sweeper in each group or group sticks together looks after each other waits for other members of group at each turn. One sweeper at the back will not stop people in the middle missing turns. The sweeper system you suggest only looks after the last rider.
    Happy to be on a rota to sweep Thursdays as I am not around on Tuesdays


    One sweeper will be enough. if you get dropped from the first group you know there will be cyclists coming up behind you to latch on to.
    Any way, by the lack of response to sweeper volunteers (one so far) we will be lucky to get one sweeper per ride let alone three.


    I am very happy to take a turn as sweeper – usually near the back anyway!

    Julian MT

    Andrew – there are a few volunteers for sweeping duty on Messenger. As well as Mat, Geraint, Juliana and I are happy to sweep and I’m sure a few others will be too.


    Brilliant Julian. As I said I will do next Tuesday and Stag has offered the following week. So perhaps we can get a list up from there and post the sweepers name with the route each week. Pete can we do that?


    Happy to be a sweeper – just let me know in advance. Cheers

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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