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    Hi All
    Our annual ride for civic week is on Sunday 21st July. We have done the same route for years so we have to change it this year. I have had a thought about offering 2 routes.
    We all start together from Bloomfield and go –
    Princess Gate, Tavernspite, Ash Lane, Lime Road, Tanners Lane, up passed KP Thomas coal yard, then split at the junction to Narberth on the right.
    That will be 10 miles. Maybe a feed stop there. The short route then goes straight over washfield cross, molleston, West Lane, Coldblow, Princess Gate and back to Narberth. Approx 16 miles.
    The long route from the split goes down to Carn bridge, turn left at the cross roads down through Loveston, Jeffreston, turn left by the school to Redberth, Sageston, Carew (maybe a feed stop at the castle, 17 miles), turn left after the bridge to West Williamston, past the Quay, take the Blackpool Mill road, come out at Canaston, Robeston Wathen, Coxhill and Narberth. 31 miles.
    We had a poor attendance last year so I think we should actively push it this year. Put posters up nearer the time to advertise both routes.
    If we offer 2 routes then we will need quite a few members to turn up, which I`m sure we will.
    We need to make a decision fairly soon so that it can go into the civic week programme.
    Any thought or comments please. Ta


    Hi Andrew, I went last year and it was advertised as a family ride, it definitely wasn’t. It was quite a fast ride with a big split in the group. If I was a complete novice attending that ride I would have been put off, perhaps one route could be for families and another for the rest?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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