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    It is with sad regret that I must announce the probable demise of our chairman. He was last spotted heading North to Narberth just after Folly Farm. After I passed him the heavens opened and a monsoon ensued. I can only conclude that he would have been washed out to sea.

    He was a cyclist and excellent butcher.

    ValleyMan, the job is yours.


    The Chairman out in the rain…Again!!!!


    With all this bad weather I thought I’d give the Brecon stage of the Welsh league Cyclocross a crack. Very slippery bog like conditions but lots of fun, and good fitness, especially on my mountain bike which by the end of the race had managed to gather the entire race track and smother it onto my frame. The Dynamos shirt was worn with pride and I managed not to finish last.
    Maybe certain Dynamos might want to try their hand at cyclocross ?? A little safer than the roads this time of year.


    Thank you for your concern slinky. I am perfectly safe. I managed, with a little help from my pump, an inner tube and my waterproof as a sail to improvise a very effective raft. I ended up sailing through wisemans bridge at which point the wind changed and blew me out to sea. I am currently seeking refuge on Caldey. I would have posted earlier to let you know I was safe but I’ve been busy eating chocolate and making perfume. Tough luck Valleyman- bit longer to wait for your promotion!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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