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    It was awesome to be part of the Broadhaven Triathlon over the weekend. There were more Dynamo tops being worn than any other local team. It was a stunning day for it with near perfect conditions. A lot of the Dynamos finished within a few seconds of each other… Results as follows…

    Celia Boothman 2:40
    Claire Davies 2:44
    Charlie Palmer 2:56
    Simon Thomas 3:01
    Dai webb 3:01
    Kevin Phelps 3:02
    Slinky 3:02
    Jane Reese 3:03
    Aled Davies 3:04
    Alex Holland 3:05
    Duncan Russel 3:07
    Steve Plumb 3:08
    Matt Greener 3:13

    Chairman, you’re worst nightmares are coming true, we’re turning into a Tri club 🙂


    Never Slinky. But well done to everyone who entered. great to hear the dynamo shirts were  worn with pride.

    It was similar at the Merlin ride yesterday. I didn’t expect to see any Dynamos, but there must of been at least 6/7 tops I saw. So well done to all who rode that. Must say its a great route and well organised. I recommend entering next year.

    Ps. Slinky you better leave the stats to Matt!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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