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    Just a quick ‘feeler’ for those who may be interested in doing a trip to Brechfa and some mountain biking?

    Now, I know what you’re thinking, but I think you should give it a go!

    It’s good fun and there will be some good stories for the pub after. We can do the red route which is the most forgiving and there is nothing that is over technical for a beginner. It’s a good loop, two hours max and will be great for fitness.

    Anyone interested? We could organise a trip for a week Saturday (1st of December).

    Sweaty Eds

    Sounds good, mate.

    Can you hire bikes there? My mountain bike has got a child seat on the back. Actually, maybe I’ll take that one and pop you in it when you get tired.


    Ironmen don’t get tired.


    Ye sounds good slinky what time were you thinking morning or afternoon


    Afternoon I reckon. Shall we say midday at Bloomfield and work out cars from there?

    Butcherboy?! Where are you? I’ve got a bike you can borrow.

    Ed, if that’s a serious question about hire – afraid not. There are no facilities there apart from a toilet and even that’s not brilliant, it’s a hedge. Did I mention the pub though?!


    Some of us have to work slinky. Besides its the winter carnival. One of the biggest days in Narberth! I was planning on entering the club. I can see you in our Dynamos shirt all lit up like a christmas tree with mistletoe hanging from your helmet shouting “kiss me i`m an ironman”.

    Thatll get Kennys shirt sales going.

    Sweaty Eds

    If our glorious chairman doesn’t want your spare bike, can I borrow it?


    ButcherBoy you want to make some cash this year? Free signed photo of the Slinkster with every pork roll.

    It takes brains to make millions, it takes The Slinkster to make billions.


    Ed, yeah, no worries. Its a Marin Hard-tail, but its seen some serious brechfa action in the past, she’ll serve you well. If you want to clip in, you’ll need to bring the pedals.

    Sweaty Eds



    Slinky making a strong showing for Brass Neck Award 2013 already. Lts hope he does not peak too soon.

    Count Mr and Mrs ValleyMan in for 1st.


    Well hello there, Slinky here.

    Just a little update to the scheduling for Saturday. We’re going to meet a little earlier now, so more people can join in the party. 11 AM is the new Bloomfield time. I repeat 11 AM. If we all rock up we can work out the most efficient way of getting ourselves up there as a group.

    We can make a quick assessment of the abilities and make a call on which track we take on.

    Ed’s I’ve got a bike for you. I’m hoping it will have rear brakes by the weekend!

    Slinkster Mc Slink

    Sweaty Eds

    I’m quite looking forward to seeing this bike, Slinkster Mc Slink.

    I did read in the Western Telegraph this morning that a heartless thief had stolen the Miniman’s ancient bicycle from his hovel on the Kilgetty roundabout. Apparently the baby-faced burglar was seen making his getaway heading in the direction of Martin James’ Health Spa. I’m sure there must have been some mistake when the photofit image was issued with the assailant wearing a red and black tight fitting top and witnesses could not have been correct when they swore that, during the crime, the air was filled with a pungent aroma of baby’s nappies and Paco Robanne.

    A word to the wise, Mr Mc Slink, if I turn up on Saturday and find the bike with rags for tyres, I am going to be mighty suspicious.

    Right, so on my list of things to bring

    – child seat

    – pedals

    – brakes

    – possibly tyres

    – beard (as disguise when riding stolen bike)

    I am very much looking forward to Saturday.

    Sweatster Mc Sweats

    PS Thanks for the Movember donation


    Good news Ed, you can cross brakes off your kit. I’ve even found some off road tyres for you! Slightly ‘raggy’.

    Bring your beard though, mine hasn’t arrived in time.

    Paco Robanne is very popular and doesn’t prove anything.


    Just a quick report to say we had a great ride today.

    Im going to let SweatyValleysDurbs write their report and contradict where necessary thereafter.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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