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    As I was driving to work at about 08.10 this icy morning as I was going through the Princes Gate crossroads I saw a cyclist..lean physique and light on helmet.I stopped and chatted to Nick Gibbons. He’d aleady been cycling for 2 hours..in the dark,in freezing temperatures(..he did complian that his jaw was hurting because of the cold and it was a bit slippy!). After watching him effortlessly ride up Sunday’s hills whilst suffering myself with the effort you can begin to see why the contrast.On monday I believe, Nick had been out for 5 hours..I’d had to work solidly all day in the surgery then driven to Cardiff for a meeting and arrived back at 23.00..tuesday got in at 21.30 ( on call today so should be home by 19.00-19.30 ). The trouble is,if I had more time,would I be doing what Nick does?..I doubt it because I’m not in that league of dedication but you can’t help being impressed…good on him

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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