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    Mike Smith

    For those who are not already aware, two of your most accomplished riders came to grief last night whilst out on a jolly. It has been reported that whilst pedaling through Whitehill towards Cresselly an incident occurred which caused Mr Andrew Rees to touch base with the rear of Mr Roger Allen; this in its self is unusual as it is not often the case that Roger and his beloved Audery are in front! However on this occasion it was the case and sadly they were attacked by two pheasants which had decided to cross the road at the very spot where the two musketeers were traveling. It would be fare to say that both pheasants and riders were startled; Roger slammed on, Andrew was slow to react (thinking of road kill for the shop) and he carried on in to Roger; dismounting unceremoniously on to Pembrokeshire finest quality tarmac sustaining minor injury to himself but a fatal injury to a front spoke; the demise of the pheasants is unknown. However in view of the fact that during the course of these events a snail had managed to set up home on Andrews bike and so it would be really fare to assume that they were only traveling at a snails pace! some might be wondering what on earth am I on about, well the evidence of the snail was observed by a Tenby Ace member when Andrew took his pedal cycle to “Jons” shop in Tenby where the snail was seen to wake up (stuck there on) on Andrews frame and asked the question “what am I doing in Tenby, the last thing I recall was walking across the road in Cresselly”. Andrew could not answer him but promised to take him back to Cresselly in the van; one suspects that it might end up as Escargot in garlic butter! Roger we believe was unscathed in the incident. If anyone would like to report an unblemished version of events then feel free to do so.


    Andrew and I discussed the incident shortly after it occurred and vowed to secrecy…a pact that appears to have not even lasted a day!

    To say I was unscathed would be highly misrepresentative of the truth.The mental scars will live with me for many years to come…the appalling look of the irreparable injury…..I’ve never seen the contents of a carbon fibre spoke before..oh yes Andrew had a bit of a graze too…..didn’t seem to slow him down though for rest of our lung-busting ride…..we were not overtaken by any further molluscs!

    Thanks Andrew for a great ride…but I’m taking the evening off tonight..I’m supposed to be in temporary retirement

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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