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Along with the voucher he left his business card so I emailed him to say thanks and ask if he’d done much enduro stuff etc. Got this reply…


Thank you so much for saving my race!   This was my first Ironman event (and my second iron-distance race, having done Challenge Henley last year) – as you know, quite a lot goes into these events by way of preparation and cost, and things had gone rather well until then, so I was having a bit of a wobbly moment when the mechanic said he couldn’t help me any further.


I do a lot of endurance events and one of the great rewards they bring (especially if you are unlikely to get anywhere near the podium) is the level of support and camaraderie that develops among participants – you as an Ironman participant yourself clearly know about this!  What blew me away was the speed with which you set me up with your spare wheel.  It must have taken you all of 45 seconds for you to consider how to get the wheel back and settle on the appropriate method when I just wanted to roll on the tarmac and bewail my misfortune!


You saved my day with your generosity and pragmatism.  All of Pembrokeshire blew us away with the support provided to the athletes and the generous interest shown in our efforts.