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Wednesday arrived the wind was blowing like a gale, Andrew and i set off wind behind, there is only one problem with this would have to come back in to a head wind.
After 30 miles it came up in the conversation a pee stop was required, then a head wind kicked in Andrew dragged me around, after 40 miles there was a chat about lunch, so a supermarket was spotted on the menu was a large bag of crisps and a coke nothing else to found. by this time Andrew was dragging other people up hills thinking i was on this wheel. on we moved still no toilet to be seen and then swing in to a major head wind after 60 miles it was time to find somewhere for a pee 2.5hrs after the first request, we where now on the home straight tucked in behind Andrew.

Back home 6hrs and 81 miles later 6500 ft climbing. The thought of Thursday already felt painful the plan is to do the Ironman loop from where we are staying this would clock up 122 miles.