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Andrew / Jon

Great ride (in hindsight!!) beautiful weather and stunning scenery. Nice to see that herding cyclists is not just a Dynamos problem. Andrew was looking quite smug by the end.

Dynamos were out in force, all five of us, Roger, Andrew, Hugh, Matthew and me. Tim from the Aces met us for the ride over to the designated meeting point at St Clears. Amazingly (and the only thing that seemed to go to entirely plan!) both parties turned up at the same time bang on 10am.

Carl of the Aces was using this ride to shake down his new bike (it promptly seemed to shake itself to bits!) but luckily he and had brought his personal mechanic along. :D

I think that the Aces need to check their club members bikes; Tim shot up Pendine Hill like a rat up a drain pipe and Matt and I swear we got the whiff of 2 stroke as he flew by. Maybe he has KERS?

Quite a few firsts for me today:

  • First time without Kim to make sure I got home safely (I did eventually)
  • First time I have ever been accused of being over dressed
  • First time up Marros and Amroth Hills
  • First time I have done over 50 miles (54.5!)


Sadly not the first time I felt utterly knackered by the time I got home.

I must sort out my nutrition. Last night I stuffed my face with pasta, had three weetabix for breakfast got through two bottles of energy drink and three energy bars and still hit a bit of a wall at Cresswell Quay. If I carry much more I will burning energy just to lug it up the hills. Perhaps I should just get Kim to carry if for me.

Anyway I had a nice leisurely ride home and didn’t get lost which was a result in itself.

Bring on the Preseli Angel (climb not event) next Sunday!