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Please note, update to route : Had a word with a couple of our members and run it by Andrew and decided once we get to the top of Amroth hill, we’ll turn right and carry on to the main road then turn left and head for Kilgetty. Once there, up Begelly hill towards the Boars Head at Templeton, turn left towards Canaston Bowl, then head towards Martletwy, Cresswell Quay and Carew. We then head to Milton Hill (Stephens Green), turn right at the top towards Lamphey and head back on the coast road. A few wanted a longer ride tomorrow so this adds a fair few miles on with plenty off opportunities to cut it short. Also, once at Templeton easier for some of you guys to head back to Narberth if you want but more than welcome to ride the whole route with us.

I know a few of you had planned on doing a longer ride anyway and with this route most of the hills are on the first part of the ride.