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We all met up at 8.45 had a group photo and the usual thing we where going to ride it as a club, in fairness this lasted for about 10 miles this was an achievement in itself, probably about 5 miles further than last year.

This group as usual Roger,Andrew, new people to add to this list Anthony, Leighton, John from the Aces,Flapjack and I think the slinky otter, i got tailed off the back after another 3 miles, then not far from St Davids there they all where, the lead Dynamos group,they where on the grass verge on the opposite side of the road looking at wheels fiddling with cables, everyone looked OK so on i pressed as stopping to help would only mean being dropped as soon as the Dynamos train set off again.

Then just before Broad Haven i looked around to see the Dynamos train being led by Roger, closing in at a rate of Knots it reminded me of watching the sky train in the T d F all in black leading out Cav except probably all about 2 stone over weight. John had also been dropped by now, no prisoners here.

In the brief moment out of Broad Haven Roger tells me, that the Dynamos train was ripping along, Andrew was in front of Flapjack and somehow Flapjack managed to get his front wheel skewer tangled in Andrew rear derailleur cable and this ended in disaster, with Flapjack coming off and wrecking his front wheel, No reports on Flapjack was that the end of the race (charity ride).

Then off Roger tore with only Andrew with a cable that was not changing gear properly and Anthony. Leighton rode back with me from here.

All in all it was a good day averaged over 15mph happy with that.

the above is all in good fun no offence meant 😆 😆