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Great first session last night and everyone did really well. Not a structured session as such but it gave me an idea of where you all are and showed you the kind of things we will be doing over the following weeks. As there are two types of turbo trainer used it also gave me something to go on regarding hill climbs and fast cadence resistance.

As long as you feel like you are climbing a hill you are doing it right. As the weeks go on you will find you will be in a harder gear/resistance than you are now as your legs get stronger and your aerobic fitness improves.
Next Tuesdays session will be a HILL PYRAMID. Not as hard as it sounds. Just use a gear that feels like a climb but you can keep for the duration of the climb. The session has effort/recovery intervals throughout. After a couple of weeks it will all just click and fall into place.

Thanks for the warm welcome last night and see you all next week.