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Well done to all who did it

Andrew gave a lift down

We started together Andrew saying he would take it easy as he had the dragon to worry about (the ride not one of his iratible customers)

Well as is the same story as the next day we started together & split up the first hill with this time Andrew disappearing into the distance & me chasing shadows

So from Daniels hill I rode more or less on my own. Was a very good atmosphere with loads of people (604) more than last year & average time substantially slower. Last year I finish in about 7 hours but was below half way this year the average was closer to 8:20

The stats

Name dist time average position

Nick Brown 112 05:38:13 19.87 5

Dai Swan 112 06:25:23 17.44 43

Andrew Rees 112 06:33:57 17.06 51

Mat Greener 112 07:12:53 15.52 112

I know Nick is not a dynamo but put in there as someone we know

Who else rode?