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The plural turned into the singular as Billy No Mates went for a ride on his own when no one else turned up.

Inspired by the Ironman coverage last weekend I decided to do the short loop (sort of as I went a bit wrong somehow at Stepaside but sadly still ended up at Wisemans Bridge).

The weather was not as bad as clearly most of you anticipated, apart from the howling westerly gale. This made the Tenby to Lamprey leg a real grind but at least got a gentle push up onto the Ridgeway.

Nothing good to say about Carew to Crosshands.

I got back in a little over 3 hours and decided I would do a transition in the shed and go for a run to see what it would feel like. It hurt. My calves are still burning after a 15 minute jog to the end of the road and back. Perhaps the Ironman is a bit harder than it looks….