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I was not really expecting anyone to show up and was quite looking forward to a gentle ride on my own. Imagine my surprise when I got to Bloomfield to find Mat G and Nick G; oh s**t, this is going to be hard!

Mat suggested the Wales Sportive (Ironman Wales) short loop which is what I was planning anyway. Mat was riding his fixed wheel just to make life a bit more interesting (mad bugger).

Nick was saying how this time of year it is all about maintaining fitness and training in Zone 2. However, Nick’s Zone 2 is me at 90+% MHR! I was just about able to hang on until we left Tenby after which I found it harder and harder to keep on a back wheel.

Mat thought it would be a good idea to add a loop around Pembroke Castle to add a bit more distance and we went from Carew to Crosshands via Lawrenny Quay which is a much more pleasant experience.

Despite being a harder than I anticipated, it was a great ride with excellent company. Good to see Nick again and someone need to buy Mat some gears for Xmas.