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Not sure if you have seen the article on Cycling News’ web site about today’s ride with Geraint. Just in case, reproduced below.

Pembrokeshire Police were alerted this afternoon to assist with a potential missing person when Olympic Cycling Gold medallist Geraint Thomas failed to return from a training ride he was hosting. However, some 3 hours after the group he was supposed to be leading retuned, Geraint rolled into Bluestone unharmed.

A clearly shaken Geraint spoke exclusively to Cycling Weekly’s Eric LeTour and takes up the story.

Were heading north towards the beautiful Preseli mountains and I was chatting to Andrew Rees who is Chairman of the local Narberth Dynamo’s Cycling Club. Andrew was telling me that he had been training for the weekend for months and was not sure what to expect. I told him not to worry, just treat it like a normal club ride. ‘Oh right’ he said and at the foot of the next hill a couple of minutes later shot off leaving everyone for dead. Well, I have my pride to think of so tried to follow him. It took me a good few miles to catch up hanging off his back wheel and to be honest I was not really concentrating on where we were going.

Andrew stopped at a junction and suggested that we wait for everyone else. Half an hour later there was no sign of them. ‘I must have taken a wrong turn’ said Andrew, ‘but never mind, I know the way back’. We then spent the next 5 hours going up and down every valley and pass in the Preseli’s; it was clear Andrew was lost and did not have a clue where he was going.

With no mobile phone signal, we eventually came across a farmer who gave us directions back to Bluestone. I can only apologise to everyone who was hoping to ride with me today.

Andrew Rees was unavailable for comment, but, fellow club member Huw said he had tried to go off with Andrew and Geraint but could not keep up. However, he did say that he heard Geraint mutter something about getting Sky to kit up Orbea’s next year.