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It was indeed a very hot day in the saddle, a cracking ride, with some cheeky hills and some downright horrors. The climb to Horeb was unexpected and very unwelcome! (Should learn to climb better, no excuses, need to suck it up more)

Times are up on the website, some very questionable speeds currently quoted, I was with the lead group for the first 26 miles and we had averaged 21mph ish at that point, so there is no way they managed 28 mph by the end! :-)

Methinks some peeps decided that 104 was too far and bailed out. I arrived in the car park around 0630 and was able to pick up my tag and number so no shame in arriving early. The website said that the gates would open at 0600 so fair’s fair.

Hope you all had a good time.


Merlin 104m – 6hr 08m 50 secs 16.7mph avg.