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For these interested here are stats from last week

Monday 22 Miles 1.5 Time 12.5Average 2100Gain ft

Tuesday 59 Miles 3.24Time 17.2Average 2211Gain ft

Wednesday 86 Miles 5.25Time 16.0Average 4011Gain ft

Thursday 23 Miles 1.44Time 13.0Average 305Gain ft

Friday 58 Miles 4.26Time 12.8Average 6411Gain ft

Saturday 39 Miles 2.31Time 15.0Average 886Gain ft

Sunday 83 Miles 6.07Time 13.6Average 8802Gain ft

Total 370miles 24.07hrs 15.0Average 24726 ft gain

These are my stats gives an idea of what we completed, Ian speedo did not work so he has no idea what he done, and on Saturday Andrew decided he had not done enough and went to the lighthouse, another 26 miles 2600 ft climbing.