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    Pete Jones

    Now that I have your attention.
    I am the only person that regularly does the club ride on a Sunday.
    Since last autumn I have regularly ridden on my own and sometimes with one or even two others!
    This is NOT a criticism, nor am I throwing my toys out of the pram. Unlike others, I am not in training for any Triathlons, Sportives, etc.
    I also recognise that some find it easier to ride on a Saturday.

    BUT as a small, potentially very small, club the question is whether or not we continue to
    post Sunday club rides?

    Options could include:
    – No postings and let everyone do their own thing
    – Yes, post but with very few using them
    – Yes, post but for Saturdays
    – No postings, but use the forum for members to post their planned rides for the weekend
    – No postings, but text each other with planned rides for the weekend
    – Other ideas?

    Could members please post feed back on the forum?


    I think Saturday & / or Sunday rides are good perhaps people should post if they are going

    I would like someone away trips. I know Jon Mills beginners get a lift some where & ride back. Someone suggested going to north wales & cycling back. Go to sportives or even just ride theroute / hills

    Julian MT

    Mat’s thoughts – away days, lift out, ride back and different routes are great. Different roads and routes would be fantastic! Beacons anybody? Or ride the Sportive routes you missed earlier in the year for free!

    This weekend, with the Long Course coming up, Matthew C is doing his Tour de Pembs 100 miles route on the main roads (from Fish @ 9, St D, Hwest, Tenby and back to Fish) on Saturday and the new long loop of the Ironman Course on Sunday (starting around lunchtime I think). I’m planning on joining him for some, or all, of the ride on Saturday and also Sunday, depending on the legs!

    Good training for the Long Course – let me know if you’re interested and I’ll firm up the details.

    Pete Jones

    Thanks for feedback. Sorry to be a pain, but away days and specific rides are other topics for another day. If someone organizes and posts them then all well and good. Away days have been talked about for years now and nothing has happened….yet?
    Can we restrict this thread to Sunday rides please? I need to know whether or not to spend time posting them.


    Keep posting rides but members should post if they are coming, same for weekday rides


    I would prefer to see more longer routes say 60 – 70 miles. I know there is the option of doing extra miles on your own but not the same.

    Pete Jones

    Mat, sorry to be a pain again, but your reply does not answer my question. Do we, as a club, continue to post Sunday rides? There is no point is discussing the length of the ride if no-one turns up!


    I am not the most regular rider, but have in the past enjoyed the Sunday Rides but am aware that I need to join them or Pete will be on his own. Not sure what is worse for him. Have to confess I have used them mainly to get fit for the ToP. The combination of distance and speed is usually just right for the event.


    Pete, I’d like you to continue to post Sunday rides.
    If you stopped the club would disintegrate. Think people should respond to so that a positive outcome is achieved.


    ALL MEMBERS should respond, Petes making an effort to keep things going and the lack of response is poor.


    As you are aware my aim is to survive IM wales in September – To achieve this I need to get a long run and ride in every weekend. I do find it hard to ride on a Sunday after along run on a Saturday, therefore I have been cycling on Saturdays. I have also been taking part in quite a few triathlon events and Sportives over the last few months – all good training and good fun.

    My opinion, for what it is worth, is that Sunday rides should continue to be posted. But if people are riding out on Sat they have the option of posting it on the forum.

    After September I will start riding out on Sundays. I have been told by my very understanding wife that I will NOT be doing another IM again – therefore Sunday rides will be good for me!

    On a different subject I really enjoy Sportives – be it local or further afield. I would love to see a group ride organized for such events. Usually interesting routes, and it’s great to be little bit competitive!


    Finally – an end of season trip to Newport would be a great. Happy to organize a minibus.

    We are a strong club if you look at the numbers who cycle on a Tuesday and Thursday. Fab to see Jane leading beginners/ladies – .

    Great Club.

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    Julian MT

    Pete – continue to post the Sunday rides please. As you’ll have gathered from previous posts, a lot of us really appreciate the efforts you have been making for the club- thank you!

    As Simon has said, a lot of us have been working towards various sportives over the last few months (and, for the elite few, Ironman) and sometimes the length/timing of the posted Sunday rides do not always tie in with everybody’s needs or personal commitments for the weekend.

    Perhaps it would help if two alternative routes were posted (one medium length, one longer/hillier) for Sunday, or maybe alternative routes for Saturday and Sunday, to allow people to chose the one most suitable for the individual.

    I, and others, have sometimes suggested some alternative routes/start times on the forum from time to time, to try and add some variety, but the response to these has for the most part been quite limited, as is the response to most forum posts. For me, the forum is a good communication tool for the club, as I look at it every day, but maybe we should look at an alternative and more immediate means of communication for the club, such as Whatsapp or something similar, as it seems a lot of members don’t look regularly at the forum?

    I know it’s off topic, Pete, but the two sportives Simon has mentioned should be good and it would be great to have a decent Dynamos representation at them.

    I think that as a club we should take strength from the generally good turn outs for the week day rides and build on that, with everybody making an effort to ride as a Dynamos group on weekends, either on Saturday or Sunday (or both).

    With the Long Course this weekend, I won’t be out this Sunday, but am planning to ride as many Sundays as I can for the rest of the summer.


    I enjoy Sunday & Saturday rides please continue to post. My circumstances mean I am usually only able to do 2 a month. I am also fair weathered definitely will not ride if icey & probably not if pouring with rain. I agree a mass participation in away sportives would be good

    Pete Jones

    Thanks to all the responded, both on the forum and out on the bike.
    The topic in now CLOSED.

    I will continue to post Sunday rides.
    I will NOT post multiple alternative rides for a Sunday, or Saturday and Sunday rides.
    I will add comments to shorten the route (for beginners and those short of time) and allow others to think on how the route can be extended. They can then canvas support on the day.

    Coffee and cake stops will be a decision on the day.

    If anyone enters a Sportive and would like me to put an entry on the Calendar then let me know via the forum, and it also lets others know you’ve entered.

    If anyone wants to organise rides/away days/etc, then please do. Let me know and I’ll add it to the Calendar.



    Sorry Pete I know this post is closed but I have been away for a couple of weeks and feel I must say something.
    The feed back you have had as been generally positive. I think you should keep posting Sunday routes and it would be a good idea if members could let us all know by Saturday evening through the forum if they are going to ride it. It is awkward when, with so many of us want to achieve different goals on our bikes. I am as guilty as anyone with this. I want to get to a level before I get too old!(stop sniggering).
    I disagree that the club will fold with out Sunday rides. Admittedly we are not having any social nights out or long rides together any more (narcar had only 3 do it this year). But after excellent numbers for turbo training last winter we now have a strong ladies/beginners ride. Which I have been trying to get since we started the club.
    It was a shame that only 4 turned up for our AGM last month. That was the time to sort out any issues with the club. I think we are going to try and reorganise the meeting for October. All the officer posts are up for grabs. If there are members who have some time and energy to take the club forward then please make every effort to attend.
    I was fearful 12/18 months ago that the club would fall by the wayside but this summer I am confident the club will survive.
    We all want a club to identify with and I personally, am very proud to wear the Dynamos top and when entering any rides that I put the Dynamos club next to my name.

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