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    Start 6pm due to the light fading early.

    Route to be Whitland Route in reverse, to be cut short if necessary.

    See you all tomorrow.


    Left the house at 4 to do a few miles before club ride. Riding through Bethesda got a soaking. Stopped to put waterproofs on, zip got jammed so couldn`t use it. Got to Redstone cross, got a puncture. First tube, valve was bent, then had trouble with my pump. With that a knight in shinning armour turned up, Flapjack.

    Got to Bloomfield about 10 past. I was wet and fed up by then so made my way home. Left flapjack to ride back on his own which was very nice of me after he helped me with my tube!!

    Did anyone turn up?


    We didn’t, however, along with Mat and Leighton we had been out earlier in the day to ride with Serena from Tenby to St Clears. We met at Valley Gate and set off under clear blue skies, however, there was a ominous black cloud to the west…

    Just as we started down the hill from Reynalton the heavens opened with a clap of thunder. The rain was somewhere between torrential and biblical and had us all skidding to a halt to put on rain jackets and find shelter under the nearest tree.

    Mat had disappeared but was eventually found in the bus shelter at Jeffreyston where we joined him as another pulse of rain came down. Sadly, there was a large notice advising that the 361 Service has been withdrawn so there was no alternative but to cycle down to Tenby.

    We met Helen Roberts en route and arrived in Tenby a bit on the damp side, but at least the sun was out.

    We were warmly welcomed by Serena and her three friends who were doing the whole ride and posed for a few photos in front of St Marys (Observer and Western Telegraph). About 15 of us, including 3 from the Towy Riders of Carmarthen, set off at 1.00pm.

    The main road to St Clears was particularly busy and it was not really a pleasant cycling experience, however, that was not the point. At one point we had a large black truck sat behind us gunning its engine in a scene reminiscent of Duel…

    We were also treated to a few ‘helpful suggestions’ from passing motorists who took the trouble to wind down their windows, honk their horns and find a puddle to spray us (presumably they thought we were looking a bit too hot) as they accelerated past us to make up the the 30 seconds we had apparently delayed them by.

    We parted at St Clears with words of advice on the A40 to Carmarthen then looped round to the bottom of Brandy Hill. Having struggled up the hill, we decided to break with club protocol and stop for a coffee and Welsh Cakes at the Tavernspite Garden Centre. Leighton was just getting off his bike when he received a ‘I know where you are text’ from his wife who was tracking him on Endomondo and ‘suggested’ he could be back in Narberth in 15 minutes. So four of us settled down for some light refreshments.

    By the time we got home at 4.30, water still dripping from our shoes, we had covered 45miles so felt no real need to go out on the club ride. At about 6pm sat in the car at the Kilgetty Coop waiting for yet another burst of torrential rain to pass by we did wonder if anyone was out there….

    If anyone would like to support Serena you can at http://www.justgiving.com/Serena-Bonsall13.


    Left the house at 5pm to arrive in time for the new 6pm start but on route found the butcher suffering the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”, stopped of course, but when I got my rain top out and mentioned how well the zip was working I wondered why steam started to appear from his ears! I now know! However, as my last two encounters with such an eminent cyclist were rather infamous, thought I should persevere and show him how to pump a tyre up! We missed the 6pm start but I had a good solo cycle returning via Templeton, Canaston, Minwear and Wiston with many a heavy down pour, but at least my zipped up rain top kept me nice and dry!


    Two of us turned up. Waited until 6:05pm and headed off. Got absolutely soaked on the way to Tavernspite, cut it short and headed back to Narberth via the top road towards Ludchurch. By the time I got home the sun had come out again. Bloody weather.

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