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    Sweaty Eds

    We’re planning a ride and a beer on Thursday 27th December.

    For the ride we will meet at 9am in Bloomfield and take it from there. We might even get a coffee stop.

    For the beer we’re planning to meet at 7pm in the Ivy.

    I know there has been some discussion about the suitability of the Ivy so lets consider its pros and cons here;


    1. pretty much guaranteed a seat

    2. the first one there can start a bar tab for Andrew, so it works out to be quite a cheap night for most of us

    3. you don’t really have to dress up

    4. the bar staff are used to drunk people talking bollocks

    5. it’s very close to my house


    1. it’s quite difficult to get some of the stains out of your clothing afterwards

    2. if the Treorchy transsexuals are in there is likely to be quite a queue for the toilets

    3. something about the place makes it seem like a good idea to have another round making later conversations with loved ones unwise.

    Both events are open to everyone, members, partners, neighbours, pets etc


    Its the thought that counts…

    I thought about going for a ride this morning but when I got up was horrible – hope you had a good ride

    does anyone fancy a ride tomorrow morning?


    Its the 20th today Matt!! 😆

    Love The Rain, Live Your Dream


    just as well i didn’t come 😳

    That will be why I am not a planner


    Lets combine slinky & sweaty ideas to a time trial next thursday – maybe hill time trial at brandy hill

    call it the dynamos swinky trial

    If it works well could do it twice a month & charge £2 a go would be a good fund raiser for club


    Great fun. Pay to go up a hill Great idea 😆


    Perhaps pay to go down the hill????


    We already have to pay to drive to this damp country of ours (cue the thunderstorm overhead as I type). See you at Bloomfield. Errr also slightly concerned about the disadvantages at the top of this post 😯


    Just the Slinkster popping in to say hi.

    My latest biking excursion was again off road. I’ve been drawn back into the dirty stuff and I’m really enjoying it. Went out today at 1pm around a very muddy canaston and minwear. I have to say I enjoy the off road stuff especially when the roads are wet. When the stars align i’ll be back on the road.

    Peace and love,


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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