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    Anyone up for something like this next year, or has anyone else got a better plan(not go down the pub)




    Save a load of money – just do it on your own (without support) fly/ train to start ride over pyrenees or alps & fly back!. I have done both & if I can do it any of you can!

    More sense of achievement if you do it all you self


    If you think you are hard enough, try the Tourist Route (I was a decade ago…)


    Did this with a group of friends sorting out our own accommodation along the route (essential to book in advance!). We got there on the Bike Express which was really excellent. Drops you off at the Med and picks you up at the other end.


    Kim and I are sort of toying with the idea for next year. Anyone else interested?

    As Mat said, if I can do it…


    Looked at haute website see Emma Pooley is riding this year – some real elite riders – averaging over 20mph over cols!

    To ride in sportive conditions you will probably ride harder day after day

    but if you want to enjoy it – do it on your own

    For a hard sportive try http://www.sportingtours.co.uk/events/marmotte.html

    – this is thought to be hardest single day sportive

    Or multiday coser to home train to chshire then do number of sportive routes on consecutive days – like cheshire cat, fred witton challenge, etape cymru & even ride home.

    Train/ ride between each

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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