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    Dear All

    As we approach the start of the weekday rides and the turbo sessions draw to a close, we have decided to get your views on the way forward for the Club.

    It would therefore be appreciated if you could spend a few minutes completing the on-line survey.

    The results of the survey will be collated over the next couple of weeks and we will hold a meeting to discuss the results shortly after Easter. Keep an eye out on the forum for details.

    If you would like to make any other comments please feel free to email us at info@www.narberthdynamos.co.uk.



    PS Those of you who have joined the club will have received an email invitation to take the survey so can ignore this post!


    Thanks to everyone who has completed the survey; 45 responses so far. It will be kept open until Easter Monday after which I will attempt to collate the results. I knew it would be a mistake to add a comments field…..


    go bananas the results from survey monkey …

    my dog ate it …
    I presumed it must have been hacked so I checked wiki leaks – had story for next 3 star wars, all countries that have nuclear bomb, secret recipe for Andrew’s beef burgers & a photo of the Narberth Veggies eating them …
    but alas even the best hackers in the world couldn’t get the results 🙂

    I set myself the target of hacking in – managed to get one survey – my own

    my answers are 2,2,4,3,6,7,2,3,3,3,4,5,2,1,8,9

    I thought if the club want to do well in sportives & emulate the heroes in mallorca we need to start doing longer miles – at least 100k a week with option of shorter one. Mid week nights are getting longer – can do 30 miles & still finish about 8 – so alternate tuesday & thursday do at least 30
    At weekends worth posting both saturday & sunday ride.
    If you are doing short beginners rides – can start later – so people not put off by early start.
    In winter maybe worth riding in afternoon after ice has gone
    Easy & social rides are good too – mix it up


    The results are in! I decided to forego the pleasure of the Tuesday Club ride to complete an in-depth analysis of the Membership Survey. We had 54 responses which is not bad for the 47 paid up members we have.

    I have attached a summary of the findings which I have compiled manually as you have to pay for survey monkey to do it for you (cunning ploy but I did not succumb…). However, I can provide a spreadsheet with the raw data if there are any anoraks out there.

    There are clearly a number of issues we need to discuss as a Club and as it is AGM time we could combine the two. We have to give 4 weeks notice of an AGM to give you all a chance to run your election campaigns so I suggest Friday June 12th.

    Lots of you are suggesting things we need to do to improve the Club, however, this will not happen on its own. So time to put up or shut up!

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    Pete Jones

    I’m actually due to be at home that day, so good for me


    Thanks Ian for producing – mostly consistently in not agreeing to anything 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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