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    THE dinner is Saturday night, so there is no planned route for Sunday not sure is anyone going to turn up

    So be warned you may arrive to an empty carpark :-)


    I got a mate coming down & nice weather

    brilliant way to blow the cob webs off from the night before

    anyone fancy long course long loop – but plenty of chance to bail out early


    I’ll be there in the morning (9am?). A change of plan means I’m now in Pembs this weekend. Not fussed on routes, although a coffee stop is always welcome!


    I will join you Andrew, call for you on the way down? We could go up of over the hills if you want?


    Leight I’ll meet you and Andrew as you pass through Clynderwen 8:40 / 8:45.

    See you tomorrow.


    Will be out there somewhere; need to get car from Kilgetty!


    Fantastic ride & fantastic weather!

    I was little late

    so Mark, Leighton & Andrew Wright started off from Bloomfield & met me my cousin at Princes Gate – thanks for waiting!

    Then rode long course route ludchurch, wiseman’s, saundersfoot

    Mark turned back at new hedges

    Tenby, Lsmphey

    Leighton & Andrew turned back – thanks for the company all

    Lower lamphey road, pembroke, daniels hill, castle martin – where we stopped for a cafe stop at round about – excellent cafe – must stop there again

    Fresh west, hundelton, pembroke, lamphey, ridge way, cold lane, redberth, sageston, cresselly arms (not 1 but two stops!)

    martletwy, cross hands, templeton, home

    distance 63 miles

    average speed 15mph (OK for winter ride)

    ma speed 40 mph

    total climb 4500ft

    cafe 1

    pub 1

    all to be recommended

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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