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    Last one from me today!

    Neither Morganite or ButcherBoy are available this weekend so suggest normal meeting point and time (Bloomfield Car Park, 0900) and decide on a route then. Weather looks OK at the moment.


    Good intentions very nearly thwarted…

    Firstly woke up and rolled over to look at the clock to see 8:32 blinking away. Jumped up, riffled through the dressing up box and was soon fully kitted out for a Winter’s morning ride. Bowl of Alpen quickly dispatched (no time for tea!) and off to find my shoes.

    Shoes were still in the bag from Tuesday’s Turbo session in the conservatory. However, they had not been alone… The lining was all chewed up by a mouse brought in by one of our useless cats. They are luckily still serviceable, but a bit distressing as I have had them for 10 years now and they are (were) more comfy than my slippers.

    The net result was the usual tardy timekeeping by the Valley Road crew keeping everybody waiting and speculating if we would turn up at all.

    The ride turned out to be less traumatic as six of us, Mr and Mrs ValleyMan, Sweaty, Dan, Anthony and Leighton headed for the coast along the well trodden route of the Ironmam. Wisemans Bridge was stunning with the low winter sun breaking through a few low clouds. Progress with care was needed as part of the beach had been deposited in the road by the very high tide (no doubt the reason for Flapjacks’ absence).

    From Saundersfoot we heady up Sandy Road Hill, down Devonshire Drive, over to Redberth and then home via Carew and Creswell Quay.

    Sadly we were a bit too early arriving at the Quay for a coffee and despite Dan’s kind offer of Tea at his house, decided that given the darkening skies it might be an idea to head straight home. Whist this was a good idea, we still got wet as the rain forecast by S4C to start at 12:00 arrived about an hour early.

    I would like to report that I managed to keep to Zone 1 and Zone 2 all they way round, but that would have required the assistance of a taxi.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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