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    Huw`s away this weekend so up to me to post a ride.

    We will head for freshwater east via crosshands, cresselly, carew and out to milton. Then turn right to cosheston, slade cross, pembroke, up daniels hill then turn left and head for fresh east. Back at lamphey we can decide which way wed like to go back. It will be about 45 miles ish. Sorry cant do the “Map my ride” or garmin.

    Leave 9am from bloomfield.


    If anyone wants to do an hour before :D, I’ll be leaving at 8am then looping to the Bloomfield for 9am. If you want to join me text me 07748568349, I’ll be going slow!

    Love The Rain, Live Your Dream

    Sweaty Eds

    It’s still early in Movember but this Sunday saw four of the Dynamos team baring their bumfluff in harness.

    First up was our Beloved Chairman sporting a fledgling Lee Van Cleef, I couldn’t really see it until Celia asked about a coffee stop. At this his eyes narrowed and his chistled features fixed into a mean, faraway stare. One to watch.

    Next to arrive was Roger with an early Nigel Mansell. The effect of this had been enhanced by an extremely close early morning shave and liberal applications of Mr Snodgrass’s Moustache Grooming Wax. An early favourite for most growth.

    The unmoustached Dan, Mark, Celia and Kim arrived. Kim had brought Ian and the beginnings of a Graeme Souness. It may have just been the sun in my eyes, but the moustache certainly appeared to have a more than expected reddish hue, Scottish ancestry?

    Anyway, with my very poor Desperate Dan style stubble I felt in awe of all my moustachioed teammates, then Graham arrived beneath a full Dumbledore. I think Kim was about to point out that, strictly speaking, beards weren’t moustaches and that we were all supposed to be clean shaved on the morning of November 1st when the Professor went on the offensive about start times.

    At 9.03 precisely we rolled out towards Molleston. We quickly aligned ourselves into our usual hill formation, Graham and Roger off the front, Ian and Andrew close behind, Celia and Kim effortlessly spinning up whilst chatting about make-up, the X Factor and shoes, Dan and Mark floating up a long way ahead of the Lantern Rouge.

    At the top of the hill we were treating to another ‘Walton Materclass in Puncture Repair’. This masterclass was slightly shorter than the one previously described during the Narcar but was of sufficent length for Dumbledore to disappear into the ether and for my Desperate Dan to have moved several steps closer to a Brian Blessed. I think that he took pity on us due to the fact that it was cold and about to bucket down because, rather than entertain us with his full repertoire of puncture two, three and four, he rather abruptly ended the fun with an immediate second puncture. Even Celia’s observation that it was only flat at the bottom couldn’t persuade him to continue with his much loved routine.

    The rest of us went on with one eye on the darkening skies. Mark had had enough at Loveston and Celia and myself bailed out at Cresselly. It didn’t stop us getting soaked and freezing before we had passed Reynalton but, the thought that at least we weren’t still pedalling away from home, made it more bearable.

    A final word on an absent member, I overheard someone saying that Nick Brown was holding a Power Moustache Growing Workshop early on Sunday, you don’t think….


    Falling on my sword (tire lever) for the greater good of the Club ride proved to be a wise choice.

    After a gentle stroll home (could not go any faster in my cleats) and nice hot cup of tea, Kim arrived back an hour later soaked to the skin an unable to speak coherently through chattering teeth.

    For the record, the first puncture change was completed in a fraction of the time usually taken by some others amongst us (you know who you are…), it was just my misfortune to replace the tube with one that had already been punctured and mixed up with serviceable ones. I should have spotted the error as it was not covered in repair patches.

    Anyway lesson learnt and soaking avoided.

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