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    Meet at Bloomfield at 9

    the route will be Mynachlog-ddu Loop, 44miles with 687m of ascent

    Route S4


    Um old habits die hard …

    Can we please change the route – lets look at 60 mile routes in the summer not 44!

    Who is on duty with the fashion police this week – I would say only gary qualifies – any middle age men in lycra can not really criticise 🙂

    Anyway main question can we do a different route with/ without an ice cream stop although a tea stop we probably have not got time for – so if a longer route decided before tomorrow I promise I will not question it.

    I usually prefer south routes but tourist season may make them worse


    Thanks to Huw for posting a route from afar and for Mat immediately suggesting an alternative.

    Just to add to the mix, we have a friend staying this weekend so are planning to set off from Bloomfield at 0900 and head to Stackpole Quay via Freshwater East for lunch then head back to Tenby and home. More of a gentle sightseeing trip than a Club ride but all are welcome.

    So a choice of three rides; who could ask for more on what looks likes will be a stunning day.

    PS The new steed will also be on display having had a very short shakedown ride this afternoon. Inexplicably, it still seems to be hard work going up hills.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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