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    Email received from Jon Bateman about his training camp in Italy. Perhaps if we find Dave LeGrys a bit tame….


    I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you and please feel free to ignore.

    I am starting up a small scale training/holiday camp over in Italy this year and I’m

    just looking to get the name out and about and let people know what I’m doing and

    offer some discounts for your members for passing on the name to friends who are

    interested in cycling holidays.

    I originally bought the house in ’04 when I came out to race over here with the idea

    of the camps behind the move, but I was then offered a job at British Cycling as a

    coach and then later on regional development manager. Having left BC in 2011 and

    been involved in voluntary clubs, youth coaching and race organisation in the north

    east, I have gone full steam on getting things set up for 2012 and although it’s a

    big risk and a slow start, I’m glad i’ve done it,

    If you could pass on the name if it come up in conversation or even around the

    attached flyer, it would be very much appreciated and really make a difference.

    Best regards and hope you have a great year.


    A Presto


    Il Sasso Cycling – Sempre in Bici

    Penna San Giovanni (Mc), Italia



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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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