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    So as its the off-season and we’re all dreaming of warm summer rides, lets get a little list of things we could do next summer for a bit of fun. Here are a few ideas to kick things off…

    1. The Dynamo Time-Trial. Just for a laugh, we could do a flat one (Cross-hands to Lawrenny loop), a hilly one (Marros, Amroth, T-Spite loop)? Could be cool to do this start of the summer and at the end to see if we’ve improved etc. Set off 5 minutes apart, clock your finish time when you get back.

    2. Now, there are just too many nice pubs on our Wednesday loops not to stop in at least once this summer? Summer Social – Cresswell Quay, Jeff etc

    3. A club total miles goal (50,000?). I think it would be cool to record the total miles cycled by the dynamos over the summer. We could have a member-miles leader-board and a total. Maybe something we could integrate into the website. It might inspire us towards the end of the season to do a few more miles to reach a club goal.

    4. A game of Toss-the-Plumb – I’ll need to explain this in person. Gloves optional.



    1) Laugh being the objective word. Given the ultra-competitive nature of some members, I think allowing you to record your own time could lead to some serious cheating. If it were based perhaps at a pub (see 2) then I would be happy to keep time.

    2) Notwithstanding 4, by far your most sensible suggestion.

    3) Available via Strava if everyone has a bike computer or smartphone. Leighton should be adding the App to the Website any day now.

    4) Perhaps you better had.


    Iron man or planner

    Starting off at 5min intervals is fine of Just two out but if say 20. Turn up last person needs to wait 100mins. Great fun ride as a realability ride everyone starts at same time & records times so can see improvements over season.

    Or a time trial with max 1min gapuu

    Hills we should have 20

    Mile hilly route. We tide every Saturday morning. Good practice & will see real improvements.

    The 100k challenge is good aim to do at least one ride of 100k a month & record how many you do a year. See who can do the most I have dome 34. So far this year & over 10500k


    Why is the above post got so muny spilling mistooks – typed on phone on train with sausage fingers :-)

    100k challenge is good – in fact if we ride to & from aces ride on 30th that would be good way to finish year with 100k

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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