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    Really sorry to say that the hill climb scheduled for civic week wont be happening again this year. I think I mentioned in our AGM that i had to work hard to get the event started 3 years ago. We had 2 years holding it and i really thought it was building up to a decent event.
    The civic week committee employ Callum to sort out paper work for road closures etc for the week. He is a total jobs worth. Then last year Callum made the excuse i was too late in letting them know we wanted it and also he was told by the civic week committee that we would be holding it on the path from the rugby club up to Bloomfield!! Which the committee denied.
    And now this year i had an email off Callum (see below) via Chris Walters the new chairman of civic week who, i have to say did try and help us to get this event back on. I have also copied in my reply. So if anyone would like to try and get this event back on for next year then please try. I wont be working with him again.
    Hi Chris,

    Caroline emailed me at weekend to say the Bike Time Trial is wanting to go ahead again this year.

    As you know with my letter – I wasn’t happy the way I was spoken to last year. Instruction came direct from the Civic Week committee that the Bike Time Trail was not going ahead.

    I’ve done all the work already on the TRO and the cut off is extremely close (next week).

    In order for the event to go ahead – The Bike Time Trail Committee will need to assist us in erecting all the additional items to make the event happen.

    There was big problems 2 years ago with event where by the Sgt from Dyfed Powys Police on duty was not at all happy and who warned us he would object to any closures in the future unless we sorted communication and the event organising out.

    Things we need to sort.
    1. Barriers will need to be in place from the rear of the town hall, all the way down to the Contented sole by 3pm on the Weds afternoon. (24th July) – We need help putting these out and if neccessary obtaining.
    2. Riders will need to be in place and ready to ride by 6.45. The organisation wasn’t coordinated 2 years ago which lead to delays and confusion as to how many riders had gone and how many were left.
    3. Volunteers need to be briefed by the TMO’s and need to strictly stay to the rules
    4. A Risk Assessment for the event will need to be done
    5. A copy of public liability will need to be put into the TRO showing coverage for the event.
    6. An overview of the event format, who is in charge and how the event is to be ran needs to be written.

    As per every year. I have to get signage done for the event plus pay the marshals.

    Traffic Management staff

    The cost will be extra £150 which for a days work isn’t a lot for 3 people.

    I would need documentation by tomorrow really in order to submit the TRO next week.

    Hi all
    First of all why is it last minute again. We had our Dynamos AGM 3 weeks ago and I asked then if we could have the event.
    Not sure what was in Callum’s letter last year complaining how unhappy he was? The committee blamed him for not including our event and now he is blaming them. He said he was told we would have the event from the rugby club up to Bloomfield, laughable.
    There was no issue what so ever with the police. They were down at the start and said it was well organised.
    As for his needs for the day, I picked up barriers from GD Harries and also erected them on the day.
    Riders were in place and ready to go at the appointed time. It all worked perfectly.
    Not sure what Callum means by not coordinated which led to delays and confusion? The only concern I was told was that the timekeepers didn’t wear high vis vests, whoops, sorry about that one. But once informed they were put on.
    Perhaps instead of walking around looking and acting like Mr Big with a walkie talkie in his hand he could of liaised a lot better with us.
    And now he has demanded the paper work by tomorrow?
    It’s totally obvious to me that he, for whatever reason doesn’t want this event to go ahead. I also got the impression that last year’s civic committee didn’t want it either.
    I was asked at our AGM to try and get the event back because it went so well, and I think we were building it into some thing special. Also I thought it was good in giving a new and fresh event for civic week.
    I had a massive problem getting this event up and running 3 years ago, so much negativity against it.
    I will not go through that again thank you.
    Narberth Dynamos Cycling Club.

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