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    One of the new really hard sportives
    3 distances with big one being 125 miles 12,300 feet of climbing!

    Me & Mike have both entered = who else is up for it



    Anyone fancy proving themself on the hardest sportive in mid wales next weekend – ideal for those who have ridden top or mallorca

    going up friday – spare place in van & hotel

    challenge yourself on devil’s staircase & devil’s elbow

    see the stunning scenery including all the sea gulls / red kites in Rhayader


    Not my ideal Bank Holiday Weekend


    Alex and I have entered – saw the forecast and couldn’t resist a day in the mountains in the rain and the wind! We have signed up for the 80 miler as we are not manly enough to attempt the Double Devil. Would be great to meet up with any other mad souls from the Dynamos on Sat morning.


    What mistakes to you often read about in sportives

    do not Go off too hrad
    stay in zone 2
    make sure you know the profile of the course

    well as usual I ignored these
    started at too high a pace & then hit an unexpected 25% hill in first ten miles 🙁
    After 25 miles in awful conditions soaked through & very cold hit the legendary devil’s staircase – equivalent to doing 10 pendines in a row! I looked at my stats on strava later – my average heart rate was 170 & not even in the top 50% of pople having ridden it.
    Mike was a long way ahead of me by then so I rode on with Simon & Alex – having decided by then to down grade from 125 mile to 85 mile. Next food stop was in a pub at 43 miles – I stopped & stocked up on the food (boiled potatoes & pork pie) & was going to ring Mike to say I would see him at the finish as I was doing the shorter route. To my surprise Mike was shoeless & sockless in the pub trying to dry & warm himself by the fire. He decided to down grade as well.

    We finished 85 cold & wet – but with the desire to come back & ride these hills again.

    We should all go on a club outing do 100k route taking in the monsters.

    Well done to all who did it
    Only 50 signed up for long ride – think only about actually did it

    Who fancies a trip up to do these climbs?


    Excellent idea – Would make a great away day – In the sunshine!


    Well done to everyone who attempted it. I was thinking about you all on the day. Its tough enough in the dry!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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