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    The organisers have just confirmed the date for the Daffodil Ride as 3 March 2013.

    Distance: 45 miles with over 1,200 feet of climbing and one feed station.

    1030 – 1130 Registration at The Coffee House, Pendine for a 1200 Start.

    Entry £10.00 in advance (I will put an entry form on the site later) £15.00 on the day.

    Post here if you are up for it.


    I’m up for it. I always did enjoy doing wheelies up the hill going out of Pendine.


    Flying in from skiing the day before but have every intention of kicking off the season at the bottom of Pendine hill on 03/03/13…the hill and I are well acquainted

    Sweaty Eds

    What’s a Daffofil?


    Smart arse! It’s something to insert in Roger’s Hepoo when he is doing a handstand to make him a bit more decorative (and mask the awful smell).

    I will now have to use my Moderator’s privaliges to try and edit the title so your comment (and this reply) will suddenly become an irrelvent mystery and will doutless be consigned to the cutting room floor (but perhaps not the Director’s cut?) following the the sale of the screenplay rights of the Forum to Quentin Tarantino.


    More info

    The Daffodil ride will be going ahead on Sunday 3rd March from Pendine. Registration is 10:30 – 11:30am. The entry fee is £10 in advance and £15 on the day.

    There chosen charity this year and for the forseeable future is Marie Curie Cancer Care.

    For an entry form please email Andy Edwards at twofatcyclists@gmail.com

    For more information click on the following link http://twofatcyclists.blogspot.co.uk/?spref=fb


    Are we going to ‘club ride’ this? Might be a good introduction for our new riders.


    Great introduction: Welcome to Narberth Dynamos and here is Pendine Hill…

    But in principle a good idea. Willy-wavers will be long gone within the first mile or so and the rest of us can enjoy a convivial Club Ride.


    If you want to roll with big dogs you need to learn to piss up tall trees.


    Don’t forget the shepee wavers amongst us


    Rumor is we’re meeting in Bloomfield at 10:30am – is this still the case? I’ve not registered yet.


    This weekend is the Daffodil ride starting at Pendine at Midday, you can enter on the day.

    The club are cycling down, meet at Bloomfield at 10.30 or Tavernspite Gate House at 11.

    Can all cycling down and from where please post here, so we don’t leave any one behind

    See you there :-)


    I will see you at Tavernspite. Might get Janice to pick me up in Pendine after. Depends on wether its a race or not!! Is Roger going?


    I’ll be at Bloomfield at 10:30 to cycle over with the club – I should be on time as I only have myself to organise! Valleyman is driving to the start fresh from running the Llanelli half marathon. I’m planning on going home in the car with him.


    Rumor has it Roger will be there, so it will be a race :-) Happy days

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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