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    Well the Narberth Dynamos trip to le tour fell flat on its face. Although I’m still looking into options.

    Anyway, how about a bit of the lowlands in the Tour of Flanders sportive on the Saturday with the pros going out the next day.

    I’m thinking of the medium length course (still 83 miles) including all the famous cobbled sections from the tour of flanders and paris roubaix.

    Review of last years attached

    Entry £25, if four of us could club together, sharing all costs we could bring it in around £200 each for three/four nights or less if we ‘plan’.

    Late March 2014

    Left me know your thoughts.


    I’m up for that Andrew..

    Cheers Clover.


    Whilst I cant do it, I would encourage others to, this is a classic race. Some of my friends did the 160 miler version a few years ago. They still go on about it to this day.


    Link to the official website.


    If there is little interest I might just book on my own.

    Discuss at the Christmas do?


    aeuropean tour is off because the tour organisers have agian ignored the clash with Narberth Civic week. the tour organisers have not been available to comment . we should show our displeasure by refusing to eatch it. i agree i think the cobbles would be graet although you might break Andrew’s record for punctures. i can not go next year but would be up for it the year after or European tour even if it clashes with civic week.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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