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    Sweaty Eds

    We have received some samples of kit from Owayo, the original suppliers of the club jerseys and intend to place an order within the next fortnight. There are samples in sizes from XS to XXL of short-sleeved jerseys, winter jerseys, gilets and wind jackets. The samples are available to peruse and try on at Andrew’s factory shop just up from Bloomfield. This unit is only open until 4pm but if you call him Our Beloved Chairman will arrange for a private viewing outside of these hours (best not to go alone). We’ll bring the kit to the turbo session on Tuesday and the club meeting in the Ivy on Friday. We have to send it back next Saturday.

    The price is dependent on the amount of orders taken but I would estimate
    club jersey £40
    winter jersey £50
    gilet £45
    wind jacket £52

    All the above can be personalised with names and are available with different zip lengths etc.

    More details about what is available can be found here



    There are some nice pieces in the kit samples. How to we formally order it?

    Cash upfront?



    Sweaty Eds

    Dear Fashionistas

    Valleyman may or may not produce an order form before he decamps for Morrocco. If he does, ordering will be self-explanatory. If he does not then I’ll post further details about ordering and paying here.

    Yves Saint Sweaty

    Sweaty Eds

    Hopefully, everyone who was interested in ordering club kit has had a chance to see the samples. What we actually order and the price paid will depend on the total quantity of each item wanted. From the interest shown I think we will be in a position to order two or three products. Obviously, the kit will come in the club colours.

    1.Club jersey – This can be long or short sleeved, normal or winter material, choice of zip lengths and personalised with a name if you wish.

    2. Gilet – Full zip, optional mesh back, personalised etc

    3. Wind Jacket – Full zip etc

    All the details can be found following this link


    Please post in the next week or so if you require kit. I will need full details of the kit you want plus sizes etc.

    If we order before the end of November we should have the stuff by Christmas.

    Sweaty Eds

    If anyone is interested please post here


    Could I order the following please sweaty-

    2 long sleeve club jerseys, winter material, full zip. 1 size large and 1 size xlarge.

    1 wind jacket, full zip in large.



    1 gilet – mesh back – full zip (medium)
    1 short sleeve jersey – full zip (large)

    Love to the family x


    Please could I order 1 xl long sleeved jersey winter material full zip


    1 medium wind jacket

    I’ll pay cash Sweaty, or you can have one of my KOM’s.


    1 large wind jacket

    1 medium long -sleeve jersey winter material full zip


    Pete Jones

    Can I order the following please

    1 wind jacket full zip in extra large

    1 short sleeve club jersey in extra large


    Pete Jones

    Should have added full zip to the club jersey request


    Sweaty Eds

    Anyone else?


    Yes, but forgot to try on!!


    1 gilet – solid back – full zip (medium)


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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