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    Narberth Dynamos

    We will be holding and AGM on Friday 17 June 2011 to formally elect a Club Committee. The AGM is to be held in the Folly Farm Suite at Narberth Rugby Club starting at 7.00pm and will include a buffet at a cost of £5.00 per head.

    We have also arranged talks from:

    • Jon Mills of Tenby Cycles on bike maintenance


    • Kim Griffiths of Valley Gate Osteopathic Clinic on sports massage and stretching techniques. The focus will be on pre/post event massage and stretching programmes suitable for cyclists of all levels of flexibility. Wear stretchy clothes (or even your lycra!) as much of the session will be practical. Models needed for sports massage demonstration!


    Keep an eye on this thread for details of the evening and the election of Club Officers.

    An email will also be sent to all members. Please reply to the email to let us know if you are intending to come along so we can confirm numbers for the buffet.

    Narberth Dynamos

    AGM Agenda, Nomination Papers and details of the roles and responsibilities for Club Officers uploaded onto web site.

    Please note all completed nomination forms must be with me (Ian Walton) by 12 June 2011. Kim or I will be happy to collect them on Club rides.


    Just a reminder about this date. Hope you can all attend.

    Matt Johns

    I will have to send my apologies as i was unaware of the event and have made other plans for that night.


    Matt, sorry about that, I did send an email to all members but discovered after the event that your email was missing a ‘.’ and so it got bounced back. Not sure how we stand on proxy and postal votes, but there again no one has nominated anyone for election yet! I will send out another email this week.


    Just another reminder about the AGM. We will need an idea on numbers for the catering asap. Please let us know either on this forum or you can phone/txt me. Cheers


    Sorry I can not come – I know there was notice but I am cycling E2E in Wales

    Volunteering/ Nominations for positions

    I can be club statistician – collating miles members ride & publishing every year total members, total club miles, longest ride, max miles in month, year, etc

    To get ball rolling I suggest we do the 100km challenge – try to see how many days you can do 100km or more logging it each time – the aim is to do at least one a month!

    Other suggestions for club events

    Reliability rides – early season, on two sundays, have 100km & 100mile rides – aim to ride reasonably hard for an early season ride – could ride as 4 up (so time recorded when 4th member of team finishes) – even select the teams at random to promote riding as a team & stronger riders looking after weaker ones. Some clubs actually record times awarding different category awards for times.

    A few times over the summer we should organise rides aimed at non riders – kids & non riding partners – do 20 mile loop with coffee / cake stop

    Some sundays have two routes/ groups – for slower & faster – this also encourages others to join – some people really do not want to come because they worry that they will slow people down! Have a group ride 10 – 14mph & one 15 – 20mph

    We should associate with a charity – doing at least one thing a year for them

    we should look at recycling bikes http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/green-living-blog/2010/sep/07/bike-recycling-schemes

    we all have many bikes at home we do not need any more


    Will be there……


    Count me in


    Will be there.


    I will be there


    Yes, I will be attending also.


    We have a buffet for 15 to 20 ordered so based on current numbers we will not go hungry!!


    Jon from Tenby cycles has asked if you would all like to bring along your front wheel he will show us how to change the tube quicker than a formula 1 pit stop!


    I will b there – sorry for the late reply

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