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    Sweaty Eds

    An ode to the immensely powerful Clover

    (Think Groovy Train by The Farm)

    Clover Train

    Saw you cycling down our street
    Well you looked quite neat
    Tight lycra shorts and short ‘blond’ hair
    With not a care in the World

    Tucked in behind you just this week
    Well, we did not speak
    You turned your back and gave the road a stare
    As if you did not care
    (about my the pain in my legs)

    Well, I don’t where you come from
    I don’t give a damn
    I don’t care where you come from
    You’ve some bloody engine, man!

    You’re so special, oh so special yeah

    He sings….
    Get on, get on, get on the Clover Train
    (the Clover Train)
    Get on, get on, get on the Clover Train

    Thank you, mate. Think I’d still be out there without the Clover Train.


    Sweaty that’s a classic song but every time I hear that know it will give me nightmares,or severe wind.


    For the younger or less hip members of the Club, a reference to help you with Sweaty’s ode to the Mighty Clover…



    Haha!! Sweaty your so kind “Clover train” thats brilliant!! Sorry if the ride was pacey my Garmin decided to go into freeze mode so I had to guess the pace, felt good to me.
    Looking back, that was a bloody hard ride back from Cardiff but enjoyed every second of the weekend, cracking club, lovely people.


    I could have done with that Clover train….my locomotive was operating on a different service….which is why I’m feeling more knackered than normal…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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