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I would definitely do this again – lovely area and great route. There are two things I would change- the weather was bloody awful – cycling through standing water that meant I had to unclip my cleets to get through- water up to my pedals. The second thing I would change is  not to be so unlucky with punctures- I had 7 – is that a Dynamos record???

Got into a fast group of 4 working really well for the first 25 miles until I had my first puncture. Then basically it was survival from there on – clearly had something in my tyre that was causing the punctures – but damned if I could find it! The tubes seemed to last for about 5 miles  and then another puncture – thanks to fantastic fellow cyclists – they managed to keep me going by giving me tubes. One of the last punctures – it must have been about 20 miles from home- I could feel the tyre going down again and I stopped by a Marshall who was standing on a descent warning us to slow down due to treacherous conditions. He tried to pump up the tyre but this tube was knackered and I really thought my race was over. He phoned the sweeper wagon and I was going to get picked up within an hour. By this time I was really cold – I phoned Jan- but I had no idea where I was so couldn’t direct her to me! After a couple of minutes I asked the Marshall if it would be rude to flag down another cyclist for a tube and his answer was ” I ain’t gonna do it but you can if you want!” So I did!!  I had come all this way and Box Hill was still to climb so I was determined to get to the top of that. Lo and behold had another puncture – so I pumped up at the bottom of Box Hill -it didn’t get me to the top so I had to stop half way up and pump up again which got me to the top. There I was pumping up the tyre again when another kind cyclist stopped and gave me yet another tube – sadly this didn’t get me home – it went after a couple of miles! So for the last  10 miles I couldn’t be arsed to change any more so just stopped every 2 miles and pumped up the tyre!

I know it sounds an horrendous day – but it was great to do a different route – and on any other day with better weather and no punctures it would’ve been a fantastic ride.