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Sweaty Eds

Since I started work again I’ve slightly less time than when I was a man of leisure, so here is a quick rundown of today’s highlights. Apologies to all.

Sixteen starters
Valleyfolk pre-nine
Captain North’s fine new club jacket, excellent sleeve length
Nice to see Celia…
Tidy road through Wiston
Red dogging van in bushes
Ironman 20 minute absence…
Crap road to Houghton
Queues of traffic behind
Not a great place for a wee
Crazy descending
Blustery bridge
Nobody gets left behind…
….as long as they can keep up
Race for home

Five things we have learnt;
1. When Celia turns for home you probably won’t catch her even if you are an Ironman
2. Despite all the evidence from my life so far saying it surely cannot be so, the road into Haverfordwest is sometimes better than the road out of it.
3. Cycling in single file means different things to different people.
4. If you are going to spend Saturday afternoon fixing your front derailleur it’s probably worth a quick glance at the rear one.
5. I would imagine that Rory won his bet.

See you at Turbo.