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Sweaty Eds

Fellow Dynamos, allow me to explain the confusion.

This Friday is actually the 30th of September if you are using the ValleyRoad calendar, which is a development on the old fashioned Gregorian calendar that the rest of us use.

It differs in many ways.

Firstly, the working week is restricted to four days, Monday to Thursday, with Friday being a day of rest or ‘working from home’. Strict adherents occasionally manage to reduce the working week still further but most HR departments see through this ruse and find it unacceptable.

Secondly, as we all know, the hours are slightly different in that the o’clock is at 5 past the hour rather than when the big hand points to the 12.

Thirdly, the Festival of Ironmann is celebrated. This is similar to our Ironman and often falls on the same day but, during the Festival of Ironmann, ValleyRoad calendar followers career wildly around roads closed to non-followers wearing visi-vests and mirror sunglasses whilst chattering excitedly to other believers on walkie-talkies.

Hope this helps.