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For slinky & swanny we will have a third turbo set up for come & try – unlikely anyone will be trying through the night – so you could come & ride on that

I think for transitions good to utilise 3rd turbo so you can set up while previous person is finishing. Otherwise is we lose 5 mins each change over will actually cost us 4 hours of cycling (5 * 2 * 24) so may finish in a remote part of Scotland miles from anywhere

Machine a, b, c with person 1, 2, 3, 4
person 1 rides machine a for hour person 2 rides machine b for hour. Person 3 sets up & starts on machine c person 1 stops. person 4 sets up & starts on machine a & person 2 stops – this means 2* 24 hour continuous cycling. Some people may have to do an extra 5 mins – unless we use 4 machines.