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We got 2 options for the bags. Jan will be leaving for Cardiff straight from work. Leaving H/west  by 2.30. Getting to Cardiff by 4.30 ish. So anyone wanting her to bring bags up need to get them to me by Thursday. Either at my shop or unit on redstone road or my home in Ludchurch.

Second option is Huw’s wife Helen will meet us at bloomfield in the morning. She won’t be leaving for Cardiff until 3.30. So won’t be in Cardiff until 5.30 ish.

Mark B – we will be leaving at 9.00 am.

Matt G – I think you getting to Carmarthen at 10.00 will be about right for us.

Andrew Wright – Did you mention an easier and quieter way into Cardiff. Perhaps you could organise that for us. Thanks.

At the moment I haven’t a clue how many are riding up on the Friday. It looks like we will be a fair few. The roads we are using will be busy. But we don’t want to split up into smaller groups either. The whole idea of the Narcar is to ride together and enjoy each other’s company.  But we must make sure we don’t take over the whole road. Don’t want to cause too much trouble with the traffic!