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I opted for the 75m rather than the 100m and thankful I did. Looking back I loved the event & course but I found it a little too unforgiving at the time with endless hills and technical descents with no chance of making any time back. For the first time ever I walked up a hill out of the Gwain valley joining the back with the 50m route. Walking was solely due to cramp which kicked in after 50miles every time I rose from the saddle (which was a lot!). I ended the day on 5.57.02 drastically missing my target of 5hrs, I think I ended up 28th overall our of 198 so not too disheartened. Already thinking of shelling out on new gears if they use the same route next year. Good HQ, friendly feed stations, stunning views, only slight niggle was a fw of the signs and a couple dodgy/mossy roads without warning. Well worth the effort!

Hopefully see you on Sunday morning.