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Sweaty Eds

Tour of Britain Sportive – The Sweaty Way

1. Laze in bed until after start time.

2. Eat leisurely breakfast then head to Cardiff.

3. Park up then cycle to Caerphilly in glorious sunshine whilst enjoying the shouts of ‘Go Wiggo’ from the locals.

4. Arrive in Caerphilly to find teammates still riding.

5. Chat to the man-on-mike, fail to correct his misapprehension that I had already completed the Sportive and was now waiting for my tardy teammates.

6. Welcome home teammates when they finally finish, narrowly avoid difficult scene with man-on-mike.

7. Fail to correct Sportive helpers when ushered into area reserved for Sportive participants.

8. Enjoy free lunch and hot drinks.

9. Fail to hide disappointment at contents of ill-gotten goodie bag.

10. Enjoy quite fantastic atmosphere of Tour of Britain finish and excellent company of companions.

11. Pose for presentation photo with gorgeous podium girls.

12. Cycle back to Cardiff over Caerphilly mountain at speeds that would make Jonathan Tiernan-Locke blush, narrowly miss Stravas KOM Top 150.(162/195)

13. Look in vain for name painted on the road on the mountain, consider changing name to Wiggo Skoda, the new climbing sensation from Estonia.

14. Avoid Caerphilly gridlock and arrive home to watch the stage on ITV4.