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Thank you Ian for the latest tail.

Mine on the Dragon ride was somewhat contrasting…it is a tail of getting up obscenely early,freezing at the 1 hour + wait to start,foul sports drink at feed stations,deteriorating weather ascending The Bwlch for the second time (Andrew getting the jump on me by 3 mins) and then charging the last 15 miles or so to the finish(catching up those 3 mins..apart from 2 seconds!). To cap it all it looks like there’s been a complete blunder with the timing chips for almost everyone..so there will be no record of our 7 hrs 2 mins riding time at 17.2 average……..do I care about any of this??? Absolutely not(well apart from those 2 secs!) as Audrey (long story..involving a Russion Princess) the new bike was absolutely brilliant..roll on the Tour of Pembs..Audrey can’t wait